Basic knowledge on Spray Painting Equipment

Spray painting is a mechanism that scatters paint on a surface to coat it evenly. The devices used for this purpose are called as spray applicators or spray guns. The person using these devices must be aware of using face mask, gloves and safety goggles as it is risky to inhale the fumes resulting from the paints during the spray process.

The best sprayer to use on dissimilar surfaces is Atomization. Such a device directs the paint to the top of the surface to coat. The coating is done by a rotary spray machines or by guiding the paint through spray plungers through pressure or by the use of an atomizer.

Any basic spraying tools contain paint, spray gun, scheme of compressed air and elastic cylinders that connect all the other components to each other. The paint bottle is exposed to pressure, draining the paint into the spray applicator through the pipes. The force in the paint bottle is charged during the movement.

Types of Spray Paint

There are two kinds of spray paints namely Airbrush Spray paints and Aerosol or Canned Spray paints. In airbrush model, the paint is mixed with compressed air and the combination of these is directed to the surface while painting. In Aerosol or Canned spray model, a metal aerosol tin is present that is highly pressurized and contains paint in it. The paint is first atomized and later pressed from a regulator that is operated by pressing down with fingers.

Paint Spray Booths

These devices generally comprise of an enclosed space that holds spray paint. During the process of spraying paints, large amount of it is sprayed in the air. This might result in painting the surfaces that do not need to be painted. Choosing a proper paint spray booths is essential to avoid such problems. A good spray booth has proper recovery of air and ventilation. The air force in the spray booth affects the output result at the same time reducing the risk factors of fire and health hazards. The area that is coated reverses on unlocking the grid floor, thus enabling you to use the excess paint that is dropped from the plane surface.

Depending on the amount of application, you get variety of booths in different sizes in the market. The sizes generally vary in dimensions.

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